Dr. med. vet. Dunya Reiwald, 

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Dr. Reiwald
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Dr. med. vet. Dunya Reiwald, SHI, SVS, ENVF

I offer you to follow and support your pet on the way to recovery, thanks to homeopathy and behavioural medecine

Swiss, born in Paris. Raised near Basel with dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. I fall in love with the veterinary work with fifteen, when following the local vet on tour. I love those fourfooted beasts too much, often they seem to understand me better then humans.

Veterinary medicine in Bern and Zurich, Severe illness (1990-1992), Doctor Title (Horse alimentation in Switzerland), 1988-1999

Diploma in Homeopathy/Animalhomeopathy with the Swiss Society of Homeopathic Doctors, SVHA, in Zurich, 2003-2005

Diploma in Homeopathy at the SHI School in Zug, 2003-2005

Behavioural medicine (Swiss Veterinary Association for Behavioural Medicine), 2004-2006

Behavioural medicine at the university of Paris Alfort, 2007- 2010, 2011: Diploma as veterinary behaviourist ENVF (French national veterinary schools)


GST (Swiss association of vets),

STVV (Swiss vet association for behavioural medicine),

Camvet (Swiss vets association for alternative medecine) and

ZOOPSY (association des vétérinaires comportementalistes diplômés des Ecoles Nationales Vétérinaires Françaises) -association of diplomate behavioural vets of the french national universities-

SEEVAD (société européenne d'éthologie vétérinaire des animaux domestiques)

IAVH (Internat. Association of Veterinaty Homeopathy), swiss delegate 


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