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The rabbit lives under the ground, mostly. It loves to dig holes and spends his day looking for food. When he is born, he cannot see and is nacked.

He is highly sociable, lives in groups and gets active in the evening or early in the morning. As absolute herbivore, his teeth grow all his life and that is why they need to get used with appropriate food, such as hay, leaves or wood.

To communicate he uses mainly chemical substances, acustic and optical means are far less important. The urine has a social function, it shows the state an individual is in, the Faeces are territorial.
Humans must know rabbits are not talkative, but their acustic emissions are nontheless important. And when he hits with his backlegs, he is in extrem stress and fear!
Each group has an male and female leader, that is why it is better to keep  two sterilized females or several castrated males, one female with a castrated male or even better two castrated males with up to four females. When they like eachother, they will lie beside one another, lick eachother. When they are at ease they stretch, clean themselves, lie on the side and yawn.
And never forget that a rabbit playing dead is nearly dead of fear!

To be fair, one should do the best to give them what they need. To make one jump, a rabbit needs about twice its body lenght and a hight of 50cm. They need occupation, hay, straw, objects to play with (no plastic), things to gnaw and if possible, a way to dig holes.
If they can wonder around freely a couple of hours a day, that is fantastic. If you keep them outside, protect them and check their health now and then.


This is far not all, but a little help for our friends :-)


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