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General information

The body and mental health of your animal is our first priority. Our pets and horses give us all they can, it is only right to assure that they live in a decent way.
The goal of the therapy at Dr. Reiwalds is to reinstaure a balance and harmony in the system (that is the family), so that the animal can heal and/or fulfill the owner's wishes again. This is obtained more easily by giving homeopathic medicine or psychotropes. The system and environment must also be adjusted with adapted and feasable changes. All treatments begin with a diagnosis, and the elaboration of a plan of treatment.

It is always about giving the best treatment to this wonderful being you are showing us.

First consultation

The first consultation for behavioural medicine takes about an hour, homeopathy takes about 1½ h, and its analysis takes another 1/2 h when I am back in the office.


Watching the animal, listening carefully and asking precise questions to the owner enables me to analyse the animals behaviour in its environment and to understand the problem or the owners expectations.

The diagnose allows the delivery of a homeopathic medicine or a psychochemical. At the same time advices are given and exercices for the animal are discussed.
If we choose a homeopathic cure, the medecine which must match the animal as much as possible will be determined after the consultation. The owner will get it by mail. If we choose a psychochemical the exact conditions will be discussed and the medecinel will be given to the owners immediately.

Following consultations

The following consultations are discussed with the owners. A control takes place after 4-6 weeks. This consultation takes about ¾ of an hour. For behavioural consultations count controls of about ½h every 30 days during a few months. Afterwards, if necessary, consultations every 2 months during a determined time. The total duration of the therapy depends on the diagnose, the owners time and the animal's reaction on the treatment.

Costs (swiss francs)

240 CHF / hour, details see french or german version

General rules

Consultations which are not cancelled 24 hours in advance are charged half the price. The cancelling cannot be done per e-mail. Cases cannot be solved per sms or e-mail. Telefon or analysis of documents cost 30.-- /10 min. The first 10 min are for free. Costs under 300.-- must be payed cash.


Where does the consultation take place

On demand in the practice in Zurich / Berne or at your home (travel fee 30-90 CHF) in Zurich, Berne and surroundings.

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