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January 2018

Each time when I hear from an old client that has gone, I cannot prevent myself of being sad. I then go back to work and hope real hard that the dog will follow his masters advices, that this cat will not get under a car and that this beautiful horse gets back on its feet as quickly as possible

November 2017 stressed cats, lazy cats

Great congress in Bologna from die IAVH. I understood why cats are so lazy: they need constant feeding with aminoacids, so let them their full bowl or give them a pipolino as a present at Christmas. And do not forget to follow some rules when you change home, cats get very stressed, contact me to learn more :-)

October 2017

For 5 months I cured my dog suffering from an osteosarcoma. During all this time, I hoped to save him. I failed. He went and took a part of my heart with him. Now life goes on and I wish him all the best in his life after life. I will always miss him.

March 2017

Your own dog bites you, the world ist upside down... But before you decide to get rid of him, give him a chance and check the cause, maybe he is ill, has pain or something else which can be solved is happening.

January 2017

Cats do not get along anymore, dogs are unstable because they were not raised appropriately, horses go amok because they need more motion. We stay alert and are ready to help :-)

December 2016 Merry xmas and happy new year 

The fight for a decent treating of animals, good and long lasting treatments, good prophylaxis, and fair prices goes on

November 2016

Time flies, and here comes the end of the year with two fantastic dates in homeopathy, the ECH Congress in Vienna and the swiss gathering in Einsiedeln. Extraordinary the reports and practically live proovings.

July 2016

Autoimmune disorder? Inform yourself, homeopathy can help, if diagnosed early enough, to lesser the progression and even heal the patient.

April 2016 Homeopathy and joints

a dog limps since a week, he is ten years old. He gets an exam, a radio, nothing tells anything. He gets injections in the articulation, does not help. So he finally gets a homeopathic treatment, a hollistic one, including his mind, all his symptoms, and after a week, he does not limp so much anymore. Cool.

January 2016 Happy new year to all fourfooted friends

2016 must become the year of complementary medecine, the one that considers the living being as a whole entity, the one that gives animals a soul, emotions, what they diserve.

Winter 2015 the beginning of a life

Every year tausends of animals are offered as a gift, but are we always ready, do we have the time and all? Better to let the small breathtaking little thing where it is, than not to be able to look after him!

Automn 2015 The end of a life

When an animal dies, its always a tragedy. But it is important to let some time by, until a new one comes in your house. Otherwise you won't stop comparing him to the last one.

August 2015 Film Festival Locarno with buffalo

"Bella e perduta" is the new movie of Pietro Marcello presented in Locarno, where we discover a destroyed Italy, not by war but by industrialisation. The loosers are also the animals and one of them is the calf, who in this film becomes a voice.
Magnificently sad...

July 2015 When the bowels get hot

Reading french? Then get the book about the link between the psycho and the bowels!

Botswana, one of the last places for the hunted

such a huge animalparc is just fantastic. Every few meters you discover some exceptional animal or tree or fossil or whatever!
What a amazing country.

 Antibiotics and cheap meat

It is only by buying expensive meat from well held animals that we can assure those animals a decent life before beeing slaughtered. Antibiotics cannot eliminate crowding in young age, lack of space etc.

Karen Overall in Dubendorf, read the french or german section

The little book about injuries available in French now!!

No more panic, if your baby is wounded, be it a stitch, a bite, a scorch or a burn, the little book provides quick help by suggesting the best homeopathic remedy.

Dogs are quick learners!

The dog forgives within 5-10 min. So no use by punishing him forever or after he made what made you mad. And never forget there is no relation too tight, only unreliable relations. Dogs often get tired of their owners unpredictable behaviour.

For my Israel/Palestine opinion please check the german or french page

The end of homeopathy?
Not quite! Indeed scientists of the PSI in Villigen (CH) found out that protons react differently when countering myons (200 times heavier that electrons and living only very shortly). In fact the hydrogen is smaller after such a meeting, than after meeting an electron...

Of course physics are terribly complicated and the reality hardly reproducible. But let's wait and see, what other changes are in front of us, and how the laws of physics, which we expect to be eternal, will change sooner or later :-)

Who pays the treatment of the found animal?

You are to pay the veterinary practice if you ask him to treat an animal you found. If the owner reappears within 2 months, he has to pay the bill. After two months you are the legal owner of the animal.

Moving with pets

To move with pets can be stressfull. Please check the german or french version


Alternative medecine: Plants or homeopathic polychrests can be a true alternative to antibiotics, its proven

Studies now proove that plants can be an alternative to antibiotics with many viruses and bacteria.

Meat or not, that is the question

Meat is eaten by more and more people around the world and more and more animals need to be slaughtered dayly after dreadfull transportation to meet the need. In these conditions it is of course not possible to raise cattle etc ethicly correctly. But thats only one part of the story.
The other part is that our
climate is in danger and meat production increases the greenhouse effect more than do all our means of locomotion! 
At last, lets give it a thought... a part of our world population is starving
and this is also because we feed our animals with the cereals they could live of. In fact we import 700 tons of soja dayly in Switzerland, our beef is definitely no longer swiss, but brasilian.

So, is it still a question?

Animal welfare is gaining the big congresses, but how far can/must we go?

Only if we understand the animals behaviour, can we efficiently succeed in lowering anxiety and depression in our animals. About 15 % of all dogs are anxious!! In one dog households it is up to 44% (Oliva et al 2012). Be aware.

Please don't buy the sweet Chihuahua in the petshop!

Thousands of dogs are waiting for you to come in their kennels. And the way Chihuahuas are bred is simply horrifying.

Something personal: Meat

We all know it: meat production destroys the Amazonas (mais and soja) and lets the poor all over the world starve (the crops go to the pigs). But "one" eats meat all the same. I just ask, why? It is so easy to let it be, to let the animals live a decent live and to eat other proteins. There are so many alternatives. And they are tasty! We should just do it!

The horses sensitivity

Did you know that horses are extremely sensitive and will take loads of time for selecting herbs while eating. So offer them different sorts of hay in different bags. And never forget that they don't see 3-dimensionaly and need to moove their heads so as to scan their environment.

Do we need to vaccinate yearly?

Only rabies needs to be vaccinated yearly if one goes abroad.
All other vaccinations (except some specials) have a three year validation and are not an obligation. it is important to vaccinate animals at risk and to evaluate the necessity of vaccination individually. 


Laut den letzten wissenschaftlichen Infos (Vets 2012, Interlaken, SAVD) ist diese Erkrankung immunbedingt und nicht infektiös. Das heisst, dass das Immunsystem die Infektion zulässt und nicht die Leishmanien alleine. Wichtig ist also die Mücken zu vermeiden und das Immunsystem zu unterstützen. Die Impfung macht nur Sinn, wenn das Tier sehr oft und in intensiv befallenen Gebieten bleibt.

The socialization of our puppies in dogschools

Die Welpenspielgruppe ist vor allem ein Ort der Entspannung und des Spieles, damit die Kleinen lernen sich sozial gut zu verhalten (Menschen und Hunden gegenüber). Es geht nicht darum die Babies- denn Welpen sind nichts anderes als Baby-Hunde- zu traumatisieren, indem sie von ihren Besitzern getrennt oder sie überfordert werden.


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